Judy McKee

is a nationally known motivational speaker, seminar leader, sales trainer and author. Her personal philosophy of motivation through education and commitment shines clearly throughout her presentations.

If words were music, Judy McKee would be a symphony orchestra. She can speak with the percussive power of a bass drum or the scintillating delicacy of a flute. She says “”My Life is a Musical.” She sings like Rose in Gypsy or Auntie Mame. You will love to sing along.

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Judy’s Journal

The Journal Writing
of a Reluctant Searching
Human being

Things That “Moved”
Me like quotes and Other lessons

Spirituality – The Joy of
Being Human

Exercises Of all kinds

My Life Musical NOTES

Constant Lessons
I am Still Learning

You can change your mind and
Change Your Life
It’s actually the only way that works.

Judy’s Songs

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